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How to choose a Canadian university major

How to choose a Canadian university major?

1. Low-key and pragmatic research

Keywords: rational, introverted, modest, rigorous, logical

Research styles are mostly academic, rational thinking is a label, do not like too formal, exaggerated things or exaggerated interpersonal relationships. The various challenges in academics are most likely to arouse their interest, especially in science and engineering such as mathematics and physics. Professionals, like "Tears of the Ear", are sometimes used as geeks with high intelligence and low emotional intelligence. They like to concentrate on specific areas and are suitable for high-level people.

Suitable majors: mathematics, physics, clinical medicine, anesthesiology, medical imaging, medical testing, marine science, psychology, bioengineering, weapon systems and launch engineering, ammunition engineering and explosive technology, special energy engineering and pyrotechnics, ships And marine engineering, port waterway and coastal engineering, transportation, flight technology, navigation technology, marine engineering, logistics engineering, oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, vehicle engineering, geology, geographic information systems and other specialties.

2. A realistic type of enthusiasm

Keywords: practical, steady, practical

The most down-to-earth type of people do not like to be purposeless, do things seriously and reasonably, have less patience than research-oriented people, but they are more realistic than art-like feelings. It is necessary for them to learn practically. Technology, not those that are slick and have no specialty, engineering is suitable, such as IT, electronic communication, information technology. Free Samples of US instant Diploma&Degree, AUS fake degree, CAD College Diploma.

Suitable majors: Electronic Information Science and Technology, Optical Information Science and Technology, Microelectronics, Information Security, Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Software Development, Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Information Counter-technology, digital media technology, materials science, material physics, polymer materials and engineering, aircraft design and engineering, flight technology, weapon systems and launch engineering, mechanical design and automation, vehicle engineering, water supply and drainage engineering, surveying engineering, agriculture Specialization in mechanization and automation. Free Samples of US instant Diploma&Degree, AUS fake degree, CAD College Diploma.

3. A social type that can speak eloquently

Keywords: enthusiasm, flexibility, eloquence, recruiting

It is generally a fascinating crowd of people who can speak eloquently and be savvy. Socially-oriented people must live in the center of the crowd to achieve self-satisfaction. They are the most active, enthusiastic and helpful, and always take care of everyone. The feeling, if you don't work in a field that often needs communication, it may be a waste of talent! Free Samples of US instant Diploma&Degree, AUS fake degree, CAD College Diploma.

Suitable majors: physical education, sports training, social sports, sports human science, law and order, anti-drug, investigation, border management, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, material forming and control engineering, process equipment and control engineering, marketing, Administration, public service management, labor and social security, land resource management, international politics, diplomacy, business administration, human resources management, tourism management and other majors. Free Samples of US instant Diploma&Degree, AUS fake degree, CAD College Diploma.

How to choose a Canadian university major?

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