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China has criticised Australia for what it perceives as ‘politically motivated’ visa delays for postgraduate students hoping to take up doctoral studies at Australian universities. Although Chinese nationals are not the only nationality to face such delays, the complaints come at a time of heightened tensions between the two countries over Australia’s espionage and foreign interference bill.The bill is seen in Beijing as targeting China after revelations of alleged Chinese donations to political figures, and claims of Chinese Communist Party activities on Australian university campuses.According to an article last week in China’s Global Times – run by the Party newspaper People’s Daily – dozens of Chinese PhD applicants and visiting scholars with offers from Australian universities have been waiting for their visas for over half a year, “an abnormally long period”.More than 100 Chinese nationals awaiting visas to Australia are PhD candidates with funding from the China Scholarship Council under China’s Ministry of Education, and Australian university scholarships, as well as visiting scholars, spanning over 10 universities, according to the report. They are mostly applicants in science or engineering in fields such as robotics, chemistry or mechanical engineering.However, Australia’s Department of Home Affairs has sought to diffuse political tensions. A department spokeswoman said the delays “are not specific to Chinese nationals", adding that such vetting is not new.Do you want to Buy Pace University Degree?Take Fake Pace University Degree On Wesite,it's so easy!

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